Dates and Time: Monday and Tuesday, May 7th and 8th, 2018, 9:00am–5:00pm MST [Registration closed]

Location: Environment and Natural Resources 2 Building, Medium Seminar Room C, S225 (ENR2 S225)

Instructors: Nirav Merchant, CK Chan, Tyson Swetnam, Upendra Devisetty, and Chris Reidy

Guest Speakers: Frossie Economou and Lia Medeiros


Container technologies such as Docker and Singularity let scientists easily share, reuse, and scale all types of computational analyses. The CyVerse AstroContainers Workshop series are two-day hands-on workshops designed for astronomers to learn how to create, use, and deploy containers across a variety of compute systems (your computer, CyVerse, local HPC, etc). Our inaugural workshop will focus on Docker and Singularity. We will use a blend of practical theories and hands-on exercises for small groups to deploy tools and workflows they bring to the workshop.

Target Audience/Participants:

The series is designed for astronomers and astrophysicists at Steward, LSST, NOAO, and LPL; but scientist of other disciplines are invited to attend. Examples used in the workshops are astro-focused but the skill sets are generic and applicable to many scientific analysis.


Bring Your Own Data and Analyses. Workshop participants are encouraged to bring their own data and analytical workflows for containerization.

Required Experience:

  • Linux command line, directory structures, shell commands
  • Using and running analysis tools from the command line
  • Experience using HPC, distributed computing, cloud computing systems
  • Familiar with logging into and using remote systems
  • Basic programming experience (language of your choice)


  • Theory and application of container technology
  • How to use containerized software developed by other people
  • How to containerize software
  • How to build/deploy containerized workflows
  • How to run your computation on resources such as CyVerse and UA HPC


Time May 7th: Docker May 8th: Singularity
09:00am–09:15am Introduction to CyVerse and Data7 (Nirav Merchant) General overview of Singularity (Tyson Swetnam)
09:15am–10:00am Container landscape and computation resources (Nirav Merchant) Singularity setup (Tyson Swetnam)
10:00am–10:15am Coffee and snack break with networking Coffee and snack break with networking
10:15am-11:00am Science code and Science Platform: Docker at LSST (Frossie Economou) EHT, PCA, and Singularity (Lia Medeiros)
11:00am-12:00am Introductory Docker (CK Chan) Introductory Singularity (Tyson Swetnam)
12:00pm–01:00pm Lunch break on your own Lunch break on your own
01:00pm–02:30pm Advanced Docker (Upendra Devisetty) Advanced Singularity (Chris Reidy)
02:30pm–03:00pm Coffee break (15 min) and afternoon session planning Coffee break (15 min) and afternoon session planning
03:00pm–05:00pm BYOD/A (Hands-on project) BYOD/A (Hands-on project)

Additional Info:

For more information, please contact CK Chan. There is also a related virtual hackathon.