Date and Time: Wednesday, April 11th, 2018, 5–9pm UTC

Available around the world via zoom. Please register to secure your spot for this worldwide event.

Local Information:

Site City Local Time Room
API Amsterdam 7pm–11pm TBD
CfA/BHI Cambridge 1pm–5pm BHI Conference Room
ITP Frankfurt 7pm–11pm Room 2.144
MPIfR Bonn 7pm–11pm Room E2.09
Perimeter Waterloo 1pm–5pm Reflecting Lounge
Steward Tucson 10am–2pm Steward Observatory Room 450


Container technologies such as Docker is letting astronomers easily share, scale, and reuse software. Jupyter Notebook is letting astronomers organize and reproduce data analysis. Together, these technologies make reproducible astronomy possible. The first PIRE Mini-Hackathon, Docker and Jupyter for Reproducible Astronomy, gives PIRE and EHT members hands-on experiences on using these technologies to make their analysis reproducible.


Bring Your Own Data and Analyses. Hackathon participants are encouraged to bring their own data and analytical workflows for containerization.

Required Experience:

  • Linux command line, directory structures, shell commands
  • Basic programming experience (language of your choice)


  • Basic knowledge of container technologies and Jupyter Notebook
  • How to run containized software
  • How to containerize software
  • Able to develop self-contained, portable, and reproducible Docker containers and Jupyter notebooks


hh:mm from starting time  
00:00–00:05 Opening
00:05–00:15 Docker Overview
00:15–00:25 Jupyter Overview
00:25–00:30 Participants form teams to work on projects at different levels
00:30–03:30 Hack times
03:30–03:50 Summary presentations
03:50–04:00 Discussion

Live Info:

For more information, please contact CK Chan. There is also a related workshop at Arizona.